Help & Support

It’s our job to make sure that you have the best Printing experience you can with us. Our reasoning? We value our customers business, and we believe that if you’re happy the first time, you’ll be more than happy to come back. On the following page, we have brought together a few FAQs that we have been asked by customers quite regularly.

The prices you charge are cheaper than other printers, does this mean you are cutting out on quality?

Not one bit. Compared to a lot of other printers we print all of our products using an incredibly efficient printing model, meaning we gain economies of scale and can therefore reduce prices, which is then passed onto you!

When will my print arrive?

With every product we will always give you a guaranteed timeframe within which your product will be delivered. These range from 2 to 7 days, depending on the product, quantity and lead time. But if you are in need of your product in a hurry, then never worry as we can sometimes send them out the same day that they are printed, just give our customer services team a shout to arrange this.

Any delivery times and schedules that we let you know are from when your artwork is signed off to the dispatch of your order. If there are delays in getting your artwork signed off, it will only result in a delayed delivery.

Can you make sure the colours match my previous print?

Within our Print Production room we use only the latest state of the art technology to ensure that the colours used for your work are brought through as best as possible. This may result in your order not being represented exactly the way it was beforehand, however we hope you’ll be in agreement with us that it looks much better!

Can you help me with design?

We would be happy to. Within our building we have a team of 8 of the best designers in Ireland, each with their own speciality and skill set, here to help you with any design needs you may have. Printed materials are what we do best here at Kaizen Print, it’s what we know. Let us help you through the whole process.

I'm a designer myself, can I submit my own artwork?

That is not a problem. The only thing that we request is you have a read through our Print Submit Guidelines before you begin. The print process that we use is a little different than that of other printers, so it just makes it a little easier for everyone. Our templates are available to download here.

How do I order?

1) Find the product you are after
2) Choose your product specifications and turnaround
3) Make your payment
4) Upload the artwork - high resolution print ready pdf please
5) Your print will be delivered to you within the timeframe given

We realise that in some instances, our customers have their own internal design teams and don't require our totally awesome graphics design skills. You know what, thats absolutely fine! We make it easy for you to use your own artwork too. 

Important - Our online prices are for "print ready" supplied artwork only. If you require our design team to create your design or make changes to artwork, there may be an additional charge. We'll always let you know if there is a cost in advance! 

File Type - As a very general rule, we only accept "print ready" pdf's or jogs. 

Resolution - To ensure your artwork doesn't print with unsightly pixelation, the resolution of your artwork must be a minimum 300dpi. 

Note: While we wish this wasn't the case, images from "taken from the internet" probably won't be suitable for use in print. They will also probably be subject to some form of copyright. Let's just say, the answer is probably going to be NO, to any question in this area. Sorry. 

Colours - We print using CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black) colours. Unless agreed in writing, all rgb or spot colours will be converted to cmyk format. This may result in in variation of colours. 

Note: We use state of the art printing processing systems to ensure your colours are printed as accurately as possible. We do not recommend that you use your computer screen or home printer to proof a colour or design. 

Fonts - There are some fonts we wish we could afford, but unfortunately some are beyond our means. Please ensure you embed or outline all fonts included in your designs. 

Bleed - If you don't know what bleed is, you probably need our design services! Otherwise if you want to read up on this, you can visit our dedicated Bleed guidance page. 

Templates - Please refer to our template page.

Turnaround Time

Where possible on our product pages, we have indicated the approximate time it will take us to print, finish and package for distribution your printed goods. This time varies by product and ranges from one to ten business days. 

While it may be possible to expedite some products for a small charge, others are much harder to speed up. Please ensure you have left enough time between your order and the date you need the product. 

Please note the Turnaround time is calculated when "print ready" artwork is approved, not when the order is placed. Orders approved after 1pm are resolved the following business day. If your job is finished and ready before shipping before 3pm, it will be shipped that day, or will remain ready for collection in our office until the following day.

Delivery & Collection

Kaizen Print Delivery Info

Express Next Day Tracked - 24hr courier service 
(Monday to Friday service)

2 Day Tracked - 48hr courier service 
(Monday to Friday service)

Delivery is with one of our chosen partners, usually DPD or Parcelforce.

Need help with design?

If you wish to create your own artwork, fire ahead! All we ask, is that you use our free artwork templates. By doing so, you're ensuring your print will be finished to the highest standards and our finishing department don't cut off any of your critical design. If you need a template for a specific print type, just shout, we'll happily send you a blank file with bleed, gutters and anything else you might need? Once you have everything ready, you are more than welcome to send your pdfs to our artwork checking team via or by calling us on 019 036119


Don't know what bleed, safe areas, cmyk or rgb means? You're on the wrong page my friend. Best you speak to our graphic designers pronto! Our artwork checking service is for graphic designers, not powerpoint/publisher wizards.

What is bleed

The question we get asked most, relates to bleed. The 'bleed', is the area outside of your design that we use to trim artwork to the correct size. We use this area to ensure that no critical information, or images are cut off when we trim the pages (with a guillotine the size of a small room). Make sure that any images that are intended to extend to the edge of your design, also extend 3mm further into the bleed area. 
If you're creating your own artwork, please ask to use our set up templates for your design. This means, we can quickly confirm the readiness for print, saving time & money.  

Size Guide

Keeping to standard paper sizes, reduces wastage and keeps prices at a minimum. We'll always advise you on the best size of print for your needs, however our most common print sizes are A3 for Posters, A4 for Letterheads, A5 for Flyers and A6 for postcards.

The diagram below shows how each paper size relates to the next. As you can see, each is proportionate to the next. A2 is twice the size of A3, which is double the size of A4 etc. 

Remember to add 3mm bleed to all your designs. This allows us to trim your artwork to the finished product size.