While the majority of companies use email as their main form of direct communication with their customers, there is a definite advantage to using traditional posted mailers. By using printed envelopes personalised to your customer, and including marketing materials inside, you can ensure that your customer sees and reads your marketing message much more thoroughly than they would in an email. A well designed, high quality envelope goes a long way in making sure that they open the envelope and read the information inside.

Our envelopes are all peel and seal, making it much easier to pack and send your marketing materials to your customers. We can also preprint your stamps onto the card directly if you have a printed postage impression, we can print this directly onto your envelopes for you.

Our envelopes are printed single side on the address side, and are available in DL, C5 or C4 size. These sizes are detailed below for your reference:

  • DL - 220mm x 110mm
  • C5 - 229mm x 162mm
  • C4 - 324mm x 229mm



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I’m loving these – thanks so much! The invites look fab!
- Christine Elliott