You’ve seen the venue, everything is set up, everything is ready, but you can’t help thinking to yourself that you need something else, something just to really complete it. If this is the case, then you’ve come to the right place, as we’ve got you covered with our wedding venue signage.

At Kaizen Print, we have found that many people tend to focus on the printed items for their wedding, such as invites, menus and table name cards. However, Wedding Signage definitely cannot be left untouched, as it is as equally important. Let us help you, and save you from any undue stress close to the big day!

Wherever you happen to be getting married, our most popular wedding signage options are the foamex and poster style options. Here at Kaizen Print we are more than happy to design these in line with the rest of your wedding stationery, so that everything fits just right and they can be kept as a memento after the big day. Along with this, we are more than happy to accommodate if you would like any special messages, directions or phrases on your signage. We can make it look great and be of great use to you and your guests.

Our foamex poster style signage comes printed in sizes ranging from A3 to A0 and come printed on incredibly durable 3mm foamex boards. In need of a bespoke design? Never fear, we are flexible in sizes for both poster and foamex wedding signage.

Here at Kaizen we want you to have only the best, so our signage can come printed with a beautiful matt finish or if your plan on framing your signage, we can print in on our gorgeous matt coated paper. If you want to have your signage free standing anywhere in your venue, then we can add struts, meaning it’s front and centre all day long.

We can turn around orders of wedding venue signage in 48 hours, as we know that sometimes it can be a last minute thought.



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Just wanted to say thanks again, the invites look great and everyone has been telling me how lovely they are! Thanks so much for everything. They look really class!!!
- Rosalind